Element Six people & values

Our Values represent our fundamental beliefs. These beliefs reflect those aspects of our way of working that collectively we consider distinctive or unique about Element Six.  Our Values guide the way we behave at work.

Element Six Values Be PassionateBe Passionate
We are energised by our products, the solutions we deliver, the challenges we face and the opportunities we create.  We are motivated to unlock the value of our products for our customer partners.

Pull Together
As one global team united in purpose, action and spirit, we use the diversity of our people, skills and experience as an unparalleled source of advantage. We harness our customer partners' strengths so jointly we continually improve performance of our products and of each other.

Be Trusted
We deliver on all our commitments; to our customer partners and each other. We are recognised for our exceptional, consistent delivery of service and quality. We act with openness, honesty and integrity so our relationships flourish.

Show We Care
The people whose lives we touch and the environment we share matter deeply to us. We nurture, develop and celebrate our people. We always act with their safety and health foremost in our minds.

Shape the Future
Our innovation makes us the leading force in our markets. We will define a new era for the use of our products. We set demanding targets, take tough decisions and considered risks to achieve them. We insist on excellence and reward those who deliver.

We consider all risks to people and the environment before proceeding with any activity. We address risks before beginning any activity, even if this means stopping a task. Zero harm is always our goal.

Our people

our people and our values

“Synthetic diamond plays a critical role in many of the technologies and products that we enjoy today.  In our efforts to continually improve our materials and meet the changing needs of industry and society, we relentlessly push the boundaries of diamond synthesis technology.  To be at the forefront of synthetic diamond and the associated end-user industries as part of a hugely committed team of scientists and technicians is extremely rewarding and exciting.”

Dr. John Barry
Innovation Manager, Advanced Materials, Element Six

Our people and our values

"As a trained scientist, working with synthetic diamond is both a stimulating and rewarding experience.  I relish the opportunity to work with this supermaterial, to understand synthetic diamond's unique properties that could help push the boundaries of science and potentially change the world we live in."

Harpreet Dhillon
Assistant Research Scientist, Innovations, Element Six