Element Six Single Crystal Diamond

Our large range of synthetic single crystal diamond plates are developed for high-end precision engineering cutting tool applications The Monocrystal range is derived from high quality single crystal diamonds synthesised under tightly controlled growth conditions and subject to high standards of quality control on dimensions and physical characteristics.

Monocrystal products are used for cutting tools for non-ferrous and non-metallic materials, dressers for wheel dressing, a variety of speciality knives, burnishing tools, wear parts, and wire drawing dies.

These Type 1b diamonds have excellent heat conducting characteristics (four times that of copper), and are free from metal inclusions within the critical working zone. Their properties are superior to those generally found in natural diamond, ensure rapid removal of heat from the cutting point of a cutting tool or the drawing zone of a wire drawing die and contribute to consistency of tool performance.

Monocrystal products are oriented with respect to diamond's crystallographic planes and are thermally stable in excess of 1000 °C in a protected non-oxidising environment. The product range offers a wide choice of geometries, edge lengths and cross-sectional areas to give the diamond tool and die maker unprecedented options and the opportunity to manufacture tools for a broad range of applications.

Online Availability

Browse our catalogues featuring 4pt and 2pt Monocrystal plates. Available with edge lengths from 3 to 10mm and a thickness of up to 1.6mm, each stone has its own unique characteristics and undergoes rigorous quality control and characterisation before being offered for sale. Pricing structures are based on size, grade and laser cutting requirements.

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Customised Laser Cutting

It is possible to customise your selection with our laser cut offer, with up to 2 laser cuts included free of charge. Please follow the guidelines for orders or contact us for further information.