Synthetic Diamonds for use in the Automotive Industry

Synthetic Diamonds for use in the Automotive Industry

Element Six supermaterials enable precise and reliable automotive production processes.

Element Six supermaterials are designed, developed and manufactured for use in a large number of precision machining applications in the automotive industry. The reliability requirements for each automotive component demands stable, precision production processes. Element Six supermaterials deliver extreme performance in boring, milling, machining, grooving, reaming, grinding, turning and honing applications.

Element Six materials are used throughout automotive manufacturing, including the production of critical engine and gearbox components, constant velocity (CV) joints, wheel and brake disc assembly, window manufacture and mold and die production as used for example, in the production of body panels.

Working closely with our customers to develop specific automotive machine tooling applications, we successfully help them to develop solutions which meet their custom requirements. Our partners' automotive tooling solutions utilise polycrystalline diamond (PCD), cubic boron nitride (CBN), polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) and tungsten carbide.

Compared to conventional tooling materials, our supermaterials ensure the most reliable production processes in engine and powertrain plants across the globe in both defined edge and abrasive applications, as well as increased cutting and grinding speeds, extended tool lives, lower total operational costs, and improved operational productivity.

Our machining, milling and ceramic finishing solutions
Element Six PCD materials are used across the automotive production process, from alloy wheel, cylinder block, cam and crank shaft casing machining, to milled, bored and reamed gearbox housings. In addition, PCD is the only viable material solution for the finishing of new generation ceramic metal matrix composite brake discs. Learn more about PCD.

Our automotive component grinding solutions
Element Six CBN materials are used in applications such as cam and crank shaft grinding, and the rough and finish grinding of steel gears. Learn more about CBN.


Our steel finishing and iron turning solutions
Element Six PCBN materials are utilised in many areas of automotive component production, particularly in the finish machining of hardened steel, such as in the ‘hard-turning’ of gears and transmission shafts and in the machining of grey cast iron brake discs. For example, one PCBN cutting edge can machine up to 10,000 brake discs compared to a ceramic tool cutting edge which can only machine several hundred brake discs. Element Six PureCut PCBN offers the next generation of PCBN performance to transform productivity in hard turning and finish hard milling. Learn more about PCBN.  Learn more about PureCut.

Our metal cutting and rough edge removal solutions
Element Six tungsten carbide burr blanks are used for metal cutting and the removal of rough edges for the automotive industry. Learn more about tungsten carbide products.