Synthetic Diamonds for use in the Construction Industry

Synthetic Diamonds for use in the Construction Industry

Element Six supermaterials are used throughout the stone and construction industry, as parts of cutting surfaces and components of finished tools, to ensure speed, efficiency and long tool lives.

Element Six designs, develops and manufactures supermaterials for use by the stone and construction industry.

Our cutting blade solutions for all abrasive surfaces in construction and stone
Element Six supermaterials deliver extreme performance in sawing, cutting, grinding, polishing, foundation drilling, trenching, diaphragm wall cutting, tunnelling and soil stabilisation.

We work closely with our partners to develop specific stone and construction solutions to meet their precise application requirements. Our tools utilise the advantages of synthetic diamond abrasive powders, polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and tungsten carbide.

In comparison with conventional materials, Element Six supermaterials offer extreme hardness. Element Six maintains innovation leadership in the market with patented and proven technologies, as well as building on over 50 years of experience, to offer improved performance of the finished tool and lower manufacturing cost of the tools themselves. To best cater for all potential applications, synthetic diamond abrasives are available in a multitude of strengths and sizes, in addition to high-end coated abrasives for improved synthetic diamond retention and extended tool life.

All our stone and construction products benefit from our leading innovative technologies, which include protective coatings, encapsulation and thin encapsulation. For example, the use of our encapsulated synthetic diamond for impregnated layer sandwich segment solutions can result in up to 50% higher cut rates with 50% less power consumption.

Our cutting wire solutions for all dimension stone cutting
Dimension stone is natural stone or rock that has been chosen and then fabricated (cut or drilled etc.) to specific shapes and sizes. Dimension stone includes granite, marble, limestone, sandstone and slate, and the extreme hardness of synthetic diamond makes it particularly suited to cutting dimension stone.

Element Six synthetic diamond grit materials are typically used as abrasive grains embedded in a matrix material, which are most commonly arranged on the periphery of circular blades or drill bits, or as ‘beads’ on a steel wire. For our latest industry article, please visit our synthetic diamond grit materials page.

Our coring drill solutions for concrete
Coring is the drilling of circular holes in concrete, with the most common application being to pass through utility cables. Element Six offers both synthetic diamond grit and PCD for coring, which have the advantage of being able to drill through material more rapidly than other materials.

Our exploration drilling solutions for hard-to-reach formations
Element Six is a leading supplier to exploration drilling companies who manufacture equipment for coring and drilling, for rock sample evaluation.

Our ground cutting solutions
Element Six tungsten carbide products are used to meet the demanding ground conditions of foundation drilling, trenching, diaphragm wall cutting, tunnelling and soil stabilisation. Element Six has served these markets for many years and has developed specific tungsten carbide grades and tooling solutions for products such as round shank picks, weld-on bars and teeth. The unique range of tungsten carbide grades and polycrystalline diamond materials enables Element Six to provide solutions for soft unstable ground conditions up to hard abrasive conditions.