Synthetic Diamonds for use in the Electronics Industry

CVD diamond’s unparalleled properties

  • Highest bulk room temperature thermal conductivity of any material
  • Electric insulator, able to support  high electric fields before leakage
  • Chemical inertness and low toxicity
  • High mechanical strength for increased mechanical reliability

Element Six’s synthetic diamond solutions are used across the electronics industry, including:

Thermal management for semiconductor applications

Element Six’s thermal management solutions are enabling the next generation of High Power RF, Optoelectronics and High-Voltage Power Devices and Semiconductor Assembly & Test Equipment.

  • Element Six is able to tailor the properties for each of its customers’ applications such as thermal conductivity to provide the optimal cost-performance ratio
  • Element Six offers a range of CVD diamond heat spreaders providing thermal conductivities from 1000 to 2000 W/mK
Element Six’s Diafilm TM heat spreader range thermal conductivity outperforms all other materials by factors of 3-10

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Infra-red sensor systems

Element Six has engineered it CVD diamond for use in infra-red and high vacuum applications, where special attention has to be paid to the mounting of larger windows, in order to overcome the risk of breakage.

CVD diamond is available for this application in sizes up to Ø135 mm and thicknesses up to 3 mm.

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Radiation detection

Element Six has developed a range of electronic grade CVD diamond material that can be used in a variety of demanding radiation detection applications including:

  • High energy physics
  • Medical dosimetry in radiotherapy
  • Neutron and other high energy radiation detection
  • Homeland security applications
  • Geophysical prospecting

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Partners in application development

Using over 25 years of experience, Element Six works closely with its customers to develop specific requirements and successfully help with the integrate of synthetic diamond into their most demanding applications.

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