Synthetic Diamonds for use in the Healthcare Industry

Synthetic Diamonds for use in the Healthcare Industry

Element Six single crystal synthetic diamond is used in a range of surgical precision instruments.

Element Six manufactures single crystal synthetic diamond materials for use in the healthcare industry, primarily through products used in laser treatments, surgical applications and radiotherapy dosimetry detectors.

Our laser treatment solutions
Synthetic diamond has a unique combination of optical and thermal properties, as well as being bio-compatible, which enables it to be used in a wide range of demanding therapeutic and curative laser applications. Major applications currently cover non-invasive surgery where synthetic diamond optical components (probes) are part of a fibre optical system delivering high power laser beams used as a ‘lancet of light’. These laser-based technologies may replace traditional surgery with the benefits of limiting the burden for the patient and allowing the operation to be performed in a minimum time span, and therefore at a lower overall cost.

Our surgical applications solutions
The consistency and reliability of supply of Element Six synthetic diamond materials has helped increase the use of synthetic diamond in surgical applications, such as synthetic diamond knives for ophthalmology, synthetic diamond milling tools for intraocular lenses, and ultramicrotome knives.

Our radiotherapy dosimetry detector solutions
Due to its extreme properties, Element Six synthetic diamond is a very suitable material for detectors in radiotherapy dosimetry applications.