Synthetic Diamonds for use in the Iron & Steel Industry

Synthetic Diamonds for use in the Iron & Steel Industry

Element Six materials deliver increased productivity in the manufacture of ferrous materials. Image source: © Stahl-Zentrum Düsseldorf.

Element Six designs, develops and manufactures supermaterials for the iron and steel (ferrous materials) industry. The reliability requirements for iron and steel applications demand stable manufacturing processes.

Element Six supermaterials are used in the hot and cold rolling of steel rods, wire and tubes of iron and steel components and tools.

We constantly work with our partners to develop specific solutions which meet their exacting metal forming requirements.

Our metal forming solutions
Element Six tungsten carbide materials are used in applications such as the forming of wire and steel parts. Our products offer high-wear resistance and toughness, and are manufactured to our customers' exact specifications. Learn more about tungsten carbide products.