Synthetic Diamonds for use in the Oil & Gas Industry


Enabling the Oil & Gas industry to drill further, faster, for longer

From drilling and extraction, to flow control components, to electrochemical sensing, we offer a unique combination of synthetic diamond and tungsten carbide supermaterial solutions – that transform productivity across multiple Oil & Gas applications.


Faster drilling

Our extensive drilling insert product range maximises efficiency, ROP and footage drilled in high impact, abrasive or multi-purpose applications, across multiple drilling techniques and environments.

  • PDC cutters and shaped synthetic diamond cutters for PDC bits
  • Carbide and diamond inserts, gage inserts and shirt-tail protection for Roller cone bits
  • Diamond grit for diamond impregnated bits

Extending component life in the bottom hole assembly

  • Carbide nozzles and shaped diamond inserts for drill bits
  • PCD thrust and radial bearings
  • Diamond and carbide components in complex geometries for wear applications

Reliable operation in flow control and production

  • Wear management solutions to match your requirements including carbide disc stacks, chokes, valves, sleeves and rings
  • Synthetic diamond electrochemical sensors – for waste water treatment and analysis and downhole sensing

Technical expertise

For 30 years, we have been working in partnership with Oil & Gas customers.  Through our end to end innovation capability and extensive carbide manufacturing facility, our technical expertise includes synthetic diamond synthesis, prototyping, characterisation, and testing; and high volume sintering and brazing of complex bespoke tungsten carbide components

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