Global Innovation Centre

Global Innovation Centre

Our Global Innovation Centre

At Element Six, our scientists are driven by the desire to develop a pipeline of innovative products for customers in industries from oil and gas drilling to machining, optics and electronics.

On 3rd July 2013, we opened the world’s largest and most sophisticated synthetic diamond supermaterials research and development facility.

The £20m investment near Oxford in the UK reinforces Element Six’s position as the world-leader in synthetic diamond research and employing more than 100 expert scientists, engineers and technicians.

From here, our innovation teams work with the extreme properties of our synthetic diamond supermaterials to deliver step-change performance in abrasive products for our customers, as well as to identify and realise ground-breaking commercial technologies for new applications and markets.

In partnership with our customers, our products typically deliver dramatic improvements in productivity, valuable reductions in energy consumption and enable, in a multitude of applications, leaps in technology advancement never previously considered.

The Oxford site was chosen for its world-renowned science and engineering reputation, high-tech talent pool and excellent global connectivity for our customers and partners.