New materials

New materials

Element Six successfully applies synthetic diamond to enable commercialisation of emerging technologies.

At Element Six, we are at the forefront of innovative new material development.


Through innovation, Element Six continues to provide existing markets with new, proprietary products that unlock value for our customers and end users through improved ease of tool making and ever higher performance, while continuing to explore and develop novel applications and markets for our synthetic diamond, cubic boron nitride and tungsten carbide–based family of materials.



For example, our latest high-performance cubic boron nitride grinding product, ABN900, removes material faster, reduces grinding forces, and extends tool life by up to 55%.



Polycrystalline coated products

Element Six has the ability to produce a thin synthetic diamond layer on a limited range of ceramic and refractory metal substrates, with  applications in cutting tools, sliding contact wear protection and thermal management. Synthetic diamond coatings can have exceptional hardness and tribilological properties along with high thermal conductivity, however realising solutions is often fraught with technical challenges.


Commercial innovations for the future

We continue to work on developing new materials, often through collaboration with specialised research institutes, customers and end users.  These collaborations aim to unlock the value inherent in the unique properties of the full range of our synthetic diamond, cubic boron nitride and tungsten carbide–based supermaterials. 


We have a track record of successfully applying a commercial approach to new technology across our range of supermaterials:


•           Element Six MasterGrade road picks utilise nano technology to enhance the cobalt binder matrix of the tungsten carbide inserts, resulting in greater wear resistance and fracture toughness, and achieve up to 50% tool life improvement.


•           Element Six pioneered the use of our proprietary silicon cemented diamond (SCD) material in the development of a superhard nozzle for use in spray dryer powder processing, which typically offers a 10-15 times lifetime improvement.