Polycrystalline CVD diamond

Polycrystalline CVD diamond

Element Six polycrystalline CVD diamond is used in applications including thermal, electrochemical, infra-red and nuclear fusion.

Element Six polycrystalline diamond products are used in cutting and dressing, optics, thermal, electrochemical and nuclear fusion applications.

Element Six polycrystalline CVD (chemical vapour deposition) synthetic diamond products are manufactured by a chemical vapour deposition (CVD) process and are subject to tightly controlled growth conditions during manufacturing and equally stringent quality control procedures. The result of production is polycrystalline CVD diamond, an engineered material that is highly consistent and has predictable properties and behaviour required for cutting tool, wire drawing and dressing applications. By contrast, natural diamond material varies significantly in key properties and requires careful selection.

Element Six polycrystalline products
Developed over a number of years, the Element Six CVD polycrystalline diamond product group has been engineered for a wide range of applications. Each grade has been designed to meet the needs of a particular application area and to exploit one or more of synthetic diamond's unique properties. Our comprehensive quality assurance programme ensures that all our products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards. For more information, please see our brochure 'CVD diamond for dressing and cutting tool applications'.

Our extensive Element Six polycrystalline CVD diamond product range features:

•   Cutting and dressing materials
•   Optical materials 
•   Radiation detector
•   Thermal management
•   Electrochemical materials
•   Infra-red application materials
•   Nuclear fusion materials