Global Innovation Centre careers

Global Innovation Centre careers

The Element Six Global Innovation Centre is the world's largest and most sophisticated synthetic diamond supermaterials R&D facility.

Your opportunity to work in the world’s largest and most sophisticated synthetic diamond R&D facility.

We recognise that people are our greatest asset

The Global Innovation Centre (GIC) is a £20m investment in Element Six’s continuing and total commitment to creating an ideal working environment for the best minds in advanced materials science to produce commercially viable solutions - harnessing the unique capabilities of synthetic diamond supermaterials.  By bringing our global innovation teams together in one building, we believe we will maximise the teams’ ability to deliver the most innovative products and give our customers a sustained competitive advantage.

Our facility provides a unique and inspiring place of work for than 100 of the world’s top scientists, engineers and technicians. It has successfully achieved our ambition to provide a unified development capability with more cohesion and communication between researchers, from design to synthesis to application. In addition it provides us with a world class facility to replicate and represent our Operational activities in one location so our customers, partners and suppliers can understand our business.

Job satisfaction comes from being able to make a difference

The scale, scope and location of the GIC in Harwell near Oxford marks the latest stage in the continuing journey of Element Six innovation. The state-of-the-art centre is the world’s largest and most sophisticated synthetic diamonds supermaterials facility and the perfect setting for a dedicated workforce to regularly create products that can make a real difference to the way we live our lives in the twenty first century and beyond.

Opportunities within the GIC team open the door to recent graduates and PhDs in Materials Science, Physics, Engineering and Chemistry plus newly qualified technicians. In addition, there are roles for more experienced personnel with proven project management experience.

Why work at the GIC?

There’s R&D and then there’s Element Six R&D. The GIC is a hotbed of inspiration for a team of highly qualified graduate material scientists, physicists, engineers, chemists and technicians. We work in a Project Management Office structure which ensures automony and the opportunity to contribute to a project whatever the length of your experience.
We offer driven and dedicated individuals an unrivalled opportunity to work with the extreme properties of synthetic diamond and related supermaterials at a truly state-of-the-art facility. Problem solvers will be tasked to open doors to new applications in industries as diverse as optics, power transmission, water treatment, semiconductors, sensors, oil and gas, aerospace, automotives and construction.  And every member of the R&D team will be encouraged to devote time to their own ideas - at Element Six there are no restrictions on the source of the next eureka moment.

What sets the GIC apart?

Our location at Harwell was chosen to maximise the ability of Element Six to recruit the top people from a talent pool covering a variety of scientific fields. Its proximity to a number of leading UK universities also facilitates the ability of the GIC team to enjoy productive partnerships with both academic institutions and cutting edge industries. And the range of onsite facilities will allow researchers the rare privilege of creating solutions to problems and then testing them in end user conditions. It’s the kind of R&D environment which will enable Element Six to add to a track record of innovation. This already includes a Queen’s Award for the Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond Series loudspeakers, detectors in the legendary Large Hadron Collider and extreme cutting tools for the aerospace industry.   

All of our current opportunities may be viewed on our Careers Page.