Element Six support the 65th Diamond Conference at Warwick University

9 July 2014

Element Six are pleased to be supporting the industry renowned 65th Diamond Conference at Warwick University this week.

The conference was established by De Beers in July 1949, with the event quickly becoming recognised as a leading annual forum bringing together diamond experts from academic, scientific, industrial and technology fields.

Over the course of 65 years the event has contributed to advancing the knowledge of natural and synthetic diamond. Industrial-related diamond themes at previous events have covered subjects including diamond synthesis and defects, and impurities in diamond which subsequently advanced the wider industry’s knowledge of the extreme performance capabilities of synthetic diamond for industrial purposes.

Element Six, as the world’s leading producer of synthetic diamond for industrial and technology-related applications are presenting three technical papers at the event, featuring high temperature and high pressure growth of isotopically-enriched diamond, novel polycrystalline cubic boron nitride materials and engineering the properties of synthetic diamond cutting tools.

About Element Six

Element Six is a synthetic diamond supermaterials company. Element Six is a member of the De Beers Group of Companies, its majority shareholder. Element Six designs, develops and produces synthetic diamond supermaterials, and operates worldwide with its head office registered in Luxembourg, and primary manufacturing facilities in U.S., China, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, South Africa and the U.K. Element Six supermaterial solutions are used in applications such as cutting, grinding, drilling, shearing and polishing, while the extreme properties of synthetic diamond beyond hardness are already opening up new applications in a wide array of industries such as optics, water treatment, semiconductors and sensors.

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