CVD diamond for use in Optics

Element Six’s CVD diamond optics exceptional properties transform component performance


  • Highest thermal conductivity  of any material at room temperature, up to 2200 W/mK

    -  Eliminating thermal lensing and thermal run around for improved beam quality
    -  Enabling the highest optical power density lasers

  • Low absorption coefficient at a range of key laser wavelengths
  • Widest transmission spectrum known to material science from the UV to the RF
  • Hardest materials known to science - scratch resistant and virtually wear free lifetime
  • Chemically inert and operates in corrosive environments
  • Low birefringence possible with Δn < 2 E -6


CVD Diamond Optics


Using Element Six high purity CVD polycrystalline and single crystal synthetic diamond materials, today's laser manufacturers can:

  • Dramatically increase power (>10x) across a range of applications
  • Reduce system downtime and frequency of maintenance cycles required
  • Achieve improved system reliability
  • Develop higher power systems delivering faster cutting and welding results

Our CVD diamond optics components can be processed to virtually any shape for a specific application


  • Large diameter polycrystalline diamond windows – up to 135 mm in diameter
  • Industry’s flattest diamond windows, PV <λ/20 PV down to <λ/10 @ 633 nm – ensuring reduced wavefront distortion and optimal system efficiency
  • Single crystal plates – up to 8 x 8 x 2 mm
  • Range of thicknesses available – up to 3.5 mm thick


Achieve new levels of performance in a wide range of applications with our CVD diamond optics


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